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Pathfinder players train 5 days-a-week and compete in league and tournament play.  At the highest level we compete in the USL & UPSL (4th tier USSF).  Professional aspirations are met by a rigorous development model with professional support standards.  We provide a year-round training model, international exposure and agency representation. 

​Players in NY can join our program in Spain for up to three months during the winter.  All players at Pathfinder, sign an agency agreement. Our agents initiate close relationships with the players, while actively promoting them to teams within the Spanish market.

Pathfinder supports collegiate bound players with over 200 years of combined experience in college recruitment, direct exposure through tournaments and ID camps. Our students stand out due to their executive function skills, GPAs, strength of curriculum and a unique worldly exposure.  We host coaches for ID camps in December and July, and attend multiple fall showcase tournaments

Pathfinder is located on over 270 acres in the heart of New York's mid-Hudson valley.  The rural setting allows our student athletes to focus on their development and hone their craft.  Our full size, lighted turf field is the center piece of many other amenities available. 
Player double accommodations provide ample space and comfort.  Each room as private, lockable, armoire space and a table.  Wi-Fi, all utilities, and AC are included.  
Residence (2)
Common Space
There are several shared spaces on campus for players to congregate and socialize.  Card games, TVs, Wifi and lounge space is available. 
Welcome Center Offices
The program's welcome center provides a student union environment to watch games, meet, and share some meals.  Free laundry machines and additional locker rooms are located here as well as staff offices. 
Common Space (2)
Dinning Hall
Pathfinder's dinning hall can serve over 1000 meals per sitting.  It is a regular meeting place for our players, and where our lunch and dinner meals are served. 
Pathfinder meal plans have been upgrades and optimized in 2023.  Now our athletes have a menu built purposely to fuel their performance. 
Two change rooms are located adjacent to the field.  The change rooms have small lockers for valuables, private change areas, meeting area, showers and toilets.  The change rooms are adjacent to the offices for our coaching staff and physiotherapy staff. 
Pathfinder provides physio services for its academy and senior players.  The treatment office is adjacent to the change rooms.  Two physios are are seasonal residence.  
Pathfinder facilities also include a sand volleyball court, season pool, softball / baseball field, basketball court, pond (with fishing and boating equipment), and weight room.  There are also over 10 kilometers of hiking / jogging trails on campus. 


Dutchess County is located in southeastern New York State, between the Hudson River on its west and the New York-Connecticut border on its east, about halfway between the cities of Albany and New York. 

The area surrounding Pathfinder is mainly rural with large farmlands allowing players to focus and dedicate themselves to mastering their craft, however there are 4 major universities and 2 major cities within just a few miles.

Pathfinder NY is situated in the middle of a 272 acre private gated preserve.  All amenities for players are on campus.   Amenities include a pool, weight rooms, dining hall, classrooms, welcome center, our field, change rooms, physiotherapy, 10k of hiking trails, a pond, boats and common / game rooms.  The residence rooms are twins and triples with climate control and Wi-Fi.


Pathfinder players also have the option to (1) bring their own education model, (2) take self-paced accredited NCAA compliant us-based online courses , or (3) enroll in university courses through our partners.  Local New York Middle and high school age players can choose to play for us year-round or join our program after their school program completes.  

Students must academically qualify for this program, and a level of English proficiency is required.  Students below the standard for English proficiency may join our program with a specific emphasis on English mastery.  In either case, the academic programs are specifically designed to work in conjunction with the year-round training and competition cycles at Pathfinder; and Pathfinder's residential program is required to satisfy visa application requirements.   

Middle School / High School
Pathfinder provides a blended online and in person learning environment that focuses on developing students executive function skills and independence.  Students have the support of in-person tutors, take part in collaborative discussions and engage in project-based learning experiences.  IEPs can be accommodated, and AP and honors level classes are also offered. Students can travel to Spain for up to 3 month as part of their student-athlete learning experience.  
Middle School
Pathfinder's Middle School program is state-of-the-art with one of the highest teacher to student ratios around.  The 21st century blended learning environment combines developing students executive function skills,  independence, group work, extensive reading, and options for standard to advanced math and science programs.  Students have the support of in-person tutors, take part in collaborative discussions and engage in project-based learning experiences.  Students can travel to Spain for up to 1 month as part of their student-athlete learning experience.  
College Placement Services
Pathfinder's Director of College Placement acts as an agent for college bound students to guide their pursuit of a university opportunity.    Pragmatic advice is provided based on the student athletes potential and goals.  Student athletes are educated on how to run a personal marketing campaign to coaching staff at the universities they desire, attend multiple college showcases, and hosted college IDs.
University with Pathfinder
University level students can study at our partner program at the State University of New York's campus at Dutchess CC. A wide array of Associate Degrees are offered, and i20 (for F1 visa) can be provided for international students.
Start the Day
Student Athletes start the day with health, wellness and exercise.  
Non residential players in our academic program are provided hot lunch each day.  Our meal program is specifically designed to fuel athletes, and is coordinated with their training calendar.
Pathfinder Campus
Our campus is safe and secure.  The entrance is gated and the property is surrounded by open space.  Students explore the environment and nature as part of their daily routine.
Winter Training
During the winter months, players not attending our Spain trip enjoy futsal training and competition in addition to continuing their academic programing.


  • video services

  • live stream of games

  • weekly league matches

  • train & compete 6-days

  • tactical match reviews

  • agency representation

  • active promotion to trials

  • personal pathway plan

  • private gated campus

  • transfers to/from (POK)

  • gym / fitness center

  • seasonal pool

  • full board  / food plan

  • group social activities

  • visa support services

  • language school

  • nutritional planning

  • strength & conditioning

  • tailored academic options

  • college placement agent

  • university studies

  • international experience

  • college ID / Showcases

  • free laundry