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Beginning March 2024
Weekly Sessions - Fridays at 7:00 PM, 75 min
$200 per month


At Pathfinder FC, we are dedicated to cultivating the resilience and preparedness of goalkeepers, recognizing their pivotal role in team success. Our commitment extends to providing a supportive environment that exposes each goalkeeper to cutting-edge ideas, challenging them to redefine their understanding of the goalkeeper role. Within this empowering atmosphere, our instructional approach is tailored to unlock the full potential of players, focusing on key attributes: Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Psychological.

Our training sessions delve into tactical and technical concepts, emphasizing that being a goalkeeper encompasses more than just stopping shots. We strive to instill a comprehensive skill set that goes beyond surface-level proficiency, preparing goalkeepers for the multifaceted demands of the game.

What sets our program apart is the caliber of expertise guiding our goalkeepers. Our training sessions are conducted by Nationally certified Goalkeeper trainers and draw on the experience of goalkeepers from our senior teams in the USL2 and UPSL leagues. This ensures that aspiring goalkeepers benefit from the mentorship of individuals with a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record in high-level competition.

By combining innovative training methods with the guidance of seasoned professionals, we aim to nurture goalkeepers who not only excel in stopping shots but also contribute significantly to the overall success of their teams. At Pathfinder FC, we believe in fostering a generation of well-rounded and confident goalkeepers equipped for success on and off the pitch.

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