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Test the professional standard while you create the profile of a superior university candidate.

Football Development Program


Pathfinder is a football (soccer) development program providing clear paths to professional & collegiate opportunities. Our players seeking professional opportunities have the right tools, representation and access. Our players interested in collegiate opportunities have the highest quality recruiting profiles. ​

We place the utmost importance on education, especially for our youngest players.   First and foremost is the educational formation, health, safety and wellbeing of our players.  As such, we strictly adhere to all FIFA and Federation guidelines.  

Following that, our soccer priorities are:

  1. Promote to the next level within the Spanish Federation, and
  2. Win the UPSL Premier, and
  3. Win the UPSL Division I, and
  4. Develop young players
Our youth development priorities are: 
  1. Support the priorities of the club, while
  2. creating opportunities for players to play within the US university system, or
  3. transfer to other professional opportunities in a manner that benefits the player and Pathfinder FC.


Pathfinder FC NY


Pathway to Semi-Pro

Our program is open to players from around the world looking for pathways to the next level of the game.  Pathfinder players train up to 5 days-a-week and compete in league and tournament play.  At the highest level we compete in the USL & UPSL (4th tier USSF).  We maintain a professional environment year-round operating out of our 272-acre camp in Pleasant Valley, NY (located in the mid-Hudson valley, just 90 minutes north of New York City).  We have our own field, treatment and rehab center, change rooms, residences, dining hall, beach court, trail system, pool and a weight room / fitness center. Pathfinder FC in New York will field non-pay-to-play teams for youth development programming from under 8 years through 18 years for males and females in support of our goals.  

How to Trial

Our New York program welcomes visitors during two periods: from September to November, and then from April to June. We offer transfers from Westchester (HPN) or Newburg (SWF) airports, as well as the Poughkeepsie (POK) train station. Your stay covers accommodations, meals, and training. 

During your visit, we'll arrange meetings with our academic advisors and agency representatives in New York to gain insights into the opportunities available. Your trip will conclude with a feedback session, and possibly an offer to join our program.

To participate in a trial with us in New York, the player cost is $75 per day, with a maximum of 10 days.  (contact us to arrange accommodations for accompanying family)

To register for a trial, please use the button below.

Pathfinder CF Spain


Pathway to Semi-Pro

Apply to our schools and get accepted and you can be on your way to Spain.  Once here you can also play football.  Uniquely, our players in Spain will be registered players within the Spanish Federation system. In addition to league play, all players at Pathfinder, can sign an agency agreement. Our agents initiate close relationships with the players, while actively promoting them to teams within the Spanish market. The Spanish football market provides the highest opportunity density, with the lowest barrier to entry, for the player aspiring to enter profession ranks. For players with extraordinary potential our network extends to United States, England, Germany, Holland, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and China.

How to Trial

Our program in Spain welcomes visitors from mid-September through May. Trialists can select dates that suit them and make their own airfare arrangements. Upon arrival at Barcelona (BCN) airport, we'll provide transfers, accommodations, meals, and access to training sessions. Depending on availability, you might also have the chance to join us for a friendly game.

In Spain, we have full-time U17 to Senior teams. You'll be assigned to train with the team that matches your skill level. We'll also coordinate meetings with our agency representatives in Spain, allowing you to explore the professional opportunities available. Your trip will conclude with a feedback session, and there's potential for an offer to join our program.

To participate in a trial with us in Spain, the cost is $200 per day.  We recommend a minimum stay of 10 days.

Pathfinder Youth Development


Club to Pathway

Simply stated, our youth programs offer more programing, better coaching, superior opportunities, genuine pathways to higher levels of the game, for less money.   We are always open to evaluating new players.  ​

In line with our mission to develop soccer talent at all levels, we are proud to announce that Pathfinder FC in New York will field non-pay-to-play teams. These teams will cater to youth development programming, welcoming both male and female players from under 8 years through 18 years old. This initiative underscores our commitment to nurturing talent from the grassroots level, creating a comprehensive pathway for players to reach their full potential.


Exaucé Mokunga Professional Contract
Curtis Ofori Professional Contract
Justin Suarez NCAA DII
Ben Ofori NCAA DI
Leo Grady NYCFC Academy
US U20 National Team
Jack Forbes NCAA DIII
Nolan Kozera NCAA DIII


“For over 10 years Pathfinder has been fighting the status quo to find genuine pathways for players. No one will work harder on your behalf, and all the while they ensure that academic pathway is well in hand.”
“Pathfinder offers more training, better coaches and superior opportunities, for less cost. ”
“I was able to pursue my dream of playing professionally, while maintaining my academics.  I am playing at the college of my choice.”


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